Long Weekend Waxing & Skincare is committed to providing a safe & healthy workplace. This plan follows Santa Clara County protocols and Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

1. Policies and procedures that assist in the identification of sick workers and ensure sick workers stay home.

I have been informed of how to self-monitor for signs & symptoms of Covid-19. I will monitor my symptoms and will maintain social distancing and safety guidelines while not at work. If I am experiencing any symptoms, I will contact clients immediately, cancel appointments, and self-quarantine for 14 days and/or until I gain medical clearance to perform services.

2. Social Distancing

Only one client at a time will be allowed in the waiting area and treatment room. All clients will wait in their car until their appointment time. 

3. Workplace hygiene, cleaning, & disinfection protocols

Regular housekeeping will be implemented, including routine sanitizing of the workplace and all high-touch areas after every single client with an EPA approved disinfectant.

Practitioner Preparedness

-I will wear a mask, face shield, and gloves for each client during the entire interaction with the client, from greeting until the client leaves the building.

-My smock will be changed between each client.

-Treatment table and station setup will remain the same.

-No more steam during facials.

Client Arrival & Intake

– If a client is not wearing a mask upon arrival, I will offer a disposable mask.

-Hand sanitizer will be available at entrance, and in treatment room. Clients will be asked to use hand sanitizer before entering treatment room. 

– I will initiate doorway screening checklist questions and make sure health intake form is complete.

– Leave time for proper consultation with new clients and make updates with existing clients at the entrance door.

Post Session Protocols

-After treatment, immediately remove gloves and wash hands. 

-Put on a new pair of gloves to begin room sanitation.

20 minutes is allotted between each client. I need time to wipe everything down properly, and wash & sanitize any implements used during treatment. It takes about 10 minutes for disinfectants to effectively kill pathogens. 

-Open doors & window to allow as much air circulation as possible. Air purifier will be turned on to HIGH setting.

-Disinfect the bed.

-While still using EPA-approved disinfectant, wipe down anything else the client touched.

-Reset table and treatment space for next client.

4. Workplace building & ventilation protocols

I have purchased a brand new air purification system for my treatment room. I allot 20 minutes between each client to air out the room while performing enhanced sanitation procedures before the next client arrives. 

5. Training practices and protocols

This preparedness plan has been in effect since September 2020. I completed Santa Clara County’s Social Distancing Protocol. This preparedness plan will be updated as necessary. 

6. What clients can do to minimize transmission of Covid-19

-Remain in vehicle until appointment time.

-Fill out intake forms and Covid-19 waiver.

-Do not come to appointment if you are feeling sick or symptomatic.

-Practice safe hand hygiene.

-If you must use the restroom, wait a full 2 minutes after toilet has flushed. Please inform me if you have used the restroom so that I can properly sanitize after you leave.

-Do not bring guests or children.

-Do not bring food or beverages.

7. Additional protections and protocols to limit face-to-face interactions

There should never be face to face interaction with other clients unless two people are leaving at the same time or need to use the restroom at the same time. There are only two technicians in our building. Each technician has a private treatment room. There will never be more than 4 of us at a time ( 2 technicians, 2 clients). 

If you have any questions regarding this preparedness plan, please let me know.